Eda Gokbay

Eda Gokbay is a Senior Project Manager at Link Translations.eda2

Eda started working at Link Translations first as an intern. Following the completion of her internship, she became a translator for the company. She has taken part in various translation projects of different topics ranging from medical to technical and legal. She also started working as a freelance interpreter and gained new experiences in this field.

After her graduation, she continued working for Link Translations as a translator. A few months later, she joined Link Translations team as a Project Manager.

Eda has a BA from Istanbul University’s Department of Translation and Interpreting. She speaks English fluently and is a native Turkish speaker.

She handles key accounts for Link Translations such as NLRB, Dept. of Justice and Dept. of State along with corporate clients and she is in charge of retaining, educating and monitoring new project managers for the US market.