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Las Vegas

Mr. Ilia Y. - Bulgarian Interpreter in Nevada

I am a native speaker providing Proofreading, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpreting, Translation, Interpretation services in Bulgarian into English, English into Bulgarian.

I am seeking opportunities to employ my proficiency in Bulgarian and English languages for bi-directional translation of documents or for simultaneous interpretation. I was born and received my education, including my PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Bulgaria. Therefore, I consider my Bulgarian language skills excellent. Also in Bulgaria I received my initial training in English for reading and writing of science publications, reading novels and entertainment journals, for oral presentations of research findings at international science conferences, and for adequate communication with other English-speaking counterparts. Over 16 years now I have been living and working in the USA, and have been excelling my English language skills to the level where reciprocal translation between English and Bulgarian has become an effortless, precise and fluent act. My professional career is in the field of biochemistry, biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals and toxicology, and these are my preferred areas for translation or interpretation. There are also other areas in which my terminology is also very strong and I would appreciate the opportunities to discuss them with you.

Please click here to book my services or call Link Translations at 1-866-866-5010.