Finding a translator is not easy. No matter what kind of translation service you need; be it certified translation, interpretation or localization service there are 3 steps people often follow.

1) Working with people you already know
2) Asking their network if you know someone
3) Using search engines such as Google

First two steps are relatively easier. The risk is low and trust rate towards the person who is going to work for you is high. This is why today we will discuss finding a translator in the United States using search engines. Here are some steps to consider:

The Keywords

One of the most misleading platforms in terms of keywords is YouTube. People often want to watch the certain content but instead, they end up watching 20 different videos except the video they wanted to watch at the first place. That is why it is important to pay attention to the keywords used on search engines. The strategy we are going to offer is this: Being specific as much as possible. If you are looking for someone to translate your website to Dari, you can try:

Dari Website localization or translation

If what you need is more specific, try using this keyword:

Arabic Interpreter in Washington

While typing a keyword, you should consider that companies are designing their content to attract you to their services. That is why you should be precise in order to get the best results. If you type only the keyword “translation”, you will see a lot of results which would not help you at all.

The Filtration

Second step is the filtration. It is important to not jump into the first result you find. Most of the web users today are using this filter even without clicking a link. After 20 years of Googling experience, internet users, somehow, managed to obtain a reflex which prevents them from clicking on everything they see. What we advise for you to try is quite simpler than obtaining a reflex. Check out their website, read reviews about them, try to see who they are working with and who they have worked for. By doing so, you can even see if they have worked in your business field before, or not.


The Decision

If you already picked a company, what you should do is doing it all again. At least two more times. No matter what you need, it is useful to make a list of at least five companies who are sufficient to provide you the service you request. The first reason to do that is to save time. Let’s assume you have only one company on your list. You contacted them and they are either unavailable, which is unlikely but possible, or they are simply over your budget. What will you do next? You will go back to first two steps and you might fail again at the end. Instead, You can make a list of five and have the ability to compare prices, avoid unavailability and pick the best among these five choices.

The tricky thing about the decision-making process is deciding to work with a company you have never worked before. That is why you should really consider every aspect before making a decision. In a field such as translation and interpretation, this is even more important. It is like having certain expectations when you order a cake. It should look good and it should be tasty . You can look at the cake and taste it before even buying. But when you get translation services, you are most likely in a blind spot. So you have to be sure that this company is giving you what you really need. Or else, you might lose money and also what is even more precious than money, your time. Our only recommendation about the decision-making process is asking you this question: “Are you rich enough to buy the cheap?”. We know that all people prefer the cheap but we have to warn you, the cheapest is often not the best.

If you are picky with whom to work with, as you should, you should consider getting in touch with Link Translations and asking for a no-obligation quote.