Translation and Interpretation are among the most demanded services in the world. Where there is a demand, there is a supply. This is the most fundamental rule of business.

According to GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) translation industry will reach $45 billion by 2020. This is a big cake that everyone wants a piece. As Link Translations, we are also in the competition for being acknowledged as the best language service provider in the world. This is why we are improving ourselves every day and we keep doing our best for our clients since 1995.

We believe that what makes us different from most of the language service providers is our passion for technology. We firmly believe that the future of the translation and interpretation industry is within technology. That’s why we keep investing in language technologies and trying to improve the quality and also the speed of the services we provide.

The passion for technology drove us to build LINK (Linguist Integration NetworK). LINK is a platform where over 7,000 translators can work around the clock, simultaneously on translation projects.

Our Business Portfolio

Our client base consists of individuals, government agencies, and corporations. You can check our clients page to see the list of our clients in various fields such as finance, energy, education, marketing, entertainment, legal, media defense and life sciences. We also provide back translations, editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, typesetting, video voice over and subtitling services with our 23 years of experience.

Translation Services

We started this journey with an enthusiasm on linguistics. Our love of languages evolved into this company. This is why we always aimed for better, faster and affordable translation services.

Our area of expertise are merchandising and marketing translations, finance and banking translations, legal translations for law firms and courts, document legalization, personal document translations, energy and construction translations, GSA schedule & government agencies, software & website localization and translations for life sciences.

We translate into and from over 180 languages. Our in-house and freelance translators all around the world are ready to provide the best translation services for you. Whenever you want, and in whichever format you choose. (See the list of supported formats)

Interpretation Services

We understand the importance of quality communication. In a global world, the importance of interpretation is undeniable. This is why we are doing our best to provide interpretation services in over 180 languages. Our network of interpreters is at your service no matter if you are looking for a Spanish interpreter in Massachusetts or a Turkish interpreter in New York. We are able to operate everywhere in the world, but we feel at home in the United States.

We provide consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, telephone interpretation, escort interpretation, whisper interpretation services. We also provide rental services for necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation such as soundproof booths, wireless transmitters, microphone systems, delegate microphones.

Partner Program

Link Translations also has a partner program. There is no cost to join and a lot to be gained. Our 23 years of experience in the business will ensure that you recommend your colleagues and clients to the best partner. If you have more questions about our partner program, you can check our partner page.

As Link Translations, we offer reliable and accurate translations for over two decades. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Link Translations and for all your translation needs get a no-obligation quote for free.