Escort Interpretation

What is Escort Interpretation?

In escort interpreting, the interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, on a visit, or to meetings or interviews. When foreign delegations are involved, it is common to use a team of escort interpreters who act as guides for the delegation aiding them in keeping up with their schedule, overcoming cultural barriers and basically making sure that the delegation gets to where they are going on-time.

The escort interpretation method is most suitable for visiting foreign delegations and trade-shows. US State Department Foreign Visitors programs are the most common settings for escort interpretation. Our senior linguists have full experience with escort interpretation through their affiliation with the US State Department.

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Frequently asked questions about Escort Interpreting

  • Does escort interpretation require special equipment? 

    While no equipment is needed for escort interpretation, in some settings it would be preferable to use portable interpretation equipment (wireless transmitters and receivers) for ease.

  • Are additional interpreters necessary for escort interpreting? 

    For foreign delegation visits it is preferable to have a team of linguists that relieve each other from interpretation duties periodically and share the responsibilities of managing the delegation.

  • What are the advantages of escort interpreting?
    Escort interpretation is a bundle of services that include linguistic components as well as scheduling. Basically the interpreters shoulder the responsibility of a guide and a group leader on top of their usual linguistic duties.