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Senior Project Manager (added January 12, 2018) 

Link Translations, Inc. seeks a Senior Project Manager, Translation & Interpretation in New York, New York.

Job Duties

Responsible for coordinating complex translation and interpretation projects. Review translation and interpretation requests from clients and develop strategy for completion. Secure original text and background materials, select interpreters based on expertise and subject matter, follow up with interpreters, and debrief clients. Review assignments and assess needs for additional information, such as previously translated similar documents, list of acronyms, and technical terminology. Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words, concepts, and practices. Review and edit translations of technical terms and terminology. Perform translations and interpretations into and from Turkish and provide translation and interpretation services to Turkish-speaking clients in court proceedings, depositions, hospitals, exams, etc. Monitor project status and ensure that all projects are completed in accordance with clients’ expectations, service-level agreements, and schedule. Conduct quality assurance of translation projects. Assist management in overseeing company operations by ensuring sound processes for the full range of project management functions (assessment, pricing, project planning and monitoring to meet deadlines, quality and budget requirements). Identify and coordinate implementation of translation process improvement mechanisms. Execute procedures for remitting, managing, and paying freelance language service providers in accordance with company policies.


Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Translation & Interpretation, Linguistics, or a closely related field, and 2 years of experience as Project Manager or related role within the translation and interpretation industry. Fluency in written and spoken Turkish required. 

Mail resume to HR, LINK TRANSLATIONS, INC., 142 West 57 th Street, 11 th Floor, New York, NY 10019.

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