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Mr. Dino K. - Serbian Interpreter in Georgia

I am a native speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Interpretation services in Croatian into English, Serbian into English.

Professional, reliable and experienced interpreter for: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages. Experience: 16 years. Fields of expertise: Legal, medical, immigration, business and manufacturing, public and social services, SSI, SSDI. Specialty: Workers Comp. interpretations (Discovery, deposition, court's hearing, mediation, settlement, conference calls. Medical evaluation and examination, IME, MRI / CT, EMG, Discogram, epidural and trigger point procedure, surgery, pre op / post op, PT, FCE, MMI, STD, LTD, TPD, TTD, PPD, PTD, SSDI, SSI) My mission is to provide our public and private-sector clients with a professional, accurate and effective freelance interpretation and translation services in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages with the respect to: -On-site interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive and liaison) -Instant telephonic interpretation -Document translation -Localization service -Cultural consulting service. Experienced in: -legal and medical interpretation and translation -conference interpreting -immigration, government and social services interpretation -business and manufacturing interpretation and translation (Interpretation: production and safety training, company meetings, employment orientations and benefits, heath orientations /enrolment, disciplinary actions, employee review, discrimination and harassment meetings. Translation: Production and HR procedures, employee guidelines and manuals, HIPA rules, OSHA) Interpreted for; -Courts: Federal, State, Local, Juvenile, Workers Comp. Immigrations. -Hospitals; Emory, Northside, St. Joseph, Gwinnett medical Center, North Fulton, CHOA, Scottish rite, -SSA, DFCS, Gwinnet County Schools, etc. Trainings, orientations and workshops thru: Georgia Commission on Interpreters, ACTFL, Courts, DFCS, Hospitals, Social Services, etc . ACTFL / OPI as Superior Serbo-Croatian, ACTFL / OPI as Superior Bosnian, GA Commission on Interpreters, 16 hr Orientation Work Shop .

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Mr. Nderim K. - Serbian Interpreter in Georgia

I am a native Albanian speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Proofreading, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpreting, Transcription, Translation, Typesetting, Interpretation services in English into Albanian, German into Albanian, Bosnian into Albanian and Serbian into Albanian. I have been providing Interpreter services in the field for 10 years.

Hung up on me while asking for availability stating that he can't waste any time on us. 09/28/2017 I have worked with United States Army in Kosovo for three consecutive years translating English to Albanian and vice versa. Prior to that, I have worked with other organizations in Kosovo as a translator/interpreter in different locations including schools and hospital. I also have experience translating Albanian to German, Bosnian, and Serbian as well as vice versa. I have a total of 10 years of experience working as a translator.

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