Albanian interpreters in Minnesota

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Mr. Tau K. - Albanian Interpreter in Minnesota

I am a native Albanian speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Proofreading, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpreting, Translation, Typesetting, Transcription, Interpretation services in Albanian into English. I have been providing Interpreter services in the field for nearly 1 year.

I am a native Albanian speaker, currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I started learning English since I was 5 years old and my first translations took place in the Bed and Breakfast (Kotoni House) where I was raised. Later, I went to an American high school (Harry. T. Fultz) in Albania. With the entire school program and all the textbooks being in English, I had a great opportunity to practice my English in a variety of fields and subjects; starting from social sciences to history, biology, chemistry, economics...etc. I graduated from my American high school as an Electrician Technician. For about 3 years I have worked at Land Rover Albania, as the stock manager (my job required many phone calls and orders placed directly to the supplier in London). In 2008 moved to Minnesota, and since then, I have been going to college for Computer Sciences. I can translate in all Albanian dialects, including Kosovo and Macedonia. About 15 years of being an English speaker, a Diploma from an American High school, 3 years of working with British suppliers, 4 years studying IT in Minneapolis, and a friendly character make me the right translator for you!

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