Portuguese interpreters in Ohio

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Mr. Miguel P. - Portuguese Interpreter in Ohio

I am a native speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Proofreading, Translation, Interpretation services in English into Spanish, Portuguese into Spanish.

Having attended university training for more than four years in Venezuela, I can claim not only to be a native speaker of Spanish, but also that I have a college-level education in my mother tongue. Given that half of my family is of Brazilian origin, I have also spoken Portuguese since I was a child, and that is why I am fluent in that language as well. From a very young age and with Portuguese as my second language, I got myself into the tourism industry as a tour guide. The subsequent interaction with foreign visitors allowed me to learn my third language, English. The exposure I received to the English language during the seven years working in this field, pushed me to improve and started dealing with customers exclusively in that language. This was a wonderful experience that gave me a great advantage within the business. As a tour guide able to speak three languages fluently, I was not only involved in field trips but in the logistic and selling processes as well, where often an English and Portuguese speaking representative was needed. Assisting in the translation of brochures, itineraries, web sites, as well as interpreting were part of my duties while working for several tour operators around Venezuela.

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