Azerbaijani interpreters in Vermont

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Mr. Parviz A. - Azerbaijani Interpreter

I am a native speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Translation, Interpretation services in Azerbaijani into English, Russian into English and Turkish into English.

I have a one year work experience in consecutive, simultaneous interpretation and translation in a US firm. Besides, I am an auditor, currently taking CPA exams to become qualified accountant/auditor.

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Mr. Tekin E. - Azerbaijani Interpreter

I am a native Turkish speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Interpretation services in Turkish into English, English into Turkish, German into Turkish and Azerbaijani into English. I have been providing Interpreter services in the field for more than 10 years.

After coming to U.S.A. and doing a number of things, I started working as a per diem court interpreter, (July 1992), in the Nassau County first district court in Hempstead, Long Island. In time, the occupation that I started as a part time job improved through good service and referrals and became a business. Started working with the Federal Courts in 1994, translated a lot of documents, transcribed and then translated a lot of tapes when I first started. (Recently they turned to CD's.) Today, I am working in all New York and New Jersey State and Federal courts as a per diem interpreter. Also doing written translations, editing, tape transcriptions, simultaneous seminar and deposition interpreting, medical interpreting and medical translations. I also work as an escort interpreter. I work for private law offices, translation agencies and Government agencies as a freelance independent contractor.

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