Link Translations puts your convenience first and is proud to offer a variety of translation services for anything from international business to travel tours. A popular option among our loyal clients is whisper interpretation. This entails the use of simultaneous translation while the speech content is whispered by the interpreter sitting close by. There are a number of advantages to this mode of interpretation, namely the freedom and flexibility to understand a new language with a live person assisting you rather than relying on a machine. Given the nature of whisper interpretation, it is designed for small gatherings lasting a short duration. However, one of the limitations on whisper interpretation is the difficulty of implementing the service when there are numerous interpreters in a single room. The cross chatter and lengthy discussions can sometimes render this mode of interpretation problematic. Link Translations understands that numerous factors contribute to a successful translation experience and we are happy to consult with your company to find the perfect fit for your business needs. Among our other services, we provide the resources for consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and escort interpretation to break down the language barrier that too often holds companies back. Consecutive interpretation requires an individual to orally translate language after the speech is completed. This is ideal for conferences or meetings in which dialogue is exchanged regularly. Link Translations also provides the option for escort interpretation which is most convenient for extended trips and conferences that require proficiency in multiple aspects of translation services. Call us today and discover why Link Translations is the best way to connect your business with the world.

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