Being a German Translator

German, the business language of Europe, remains at the forefront of languages to know. Germany reigns as the economic powerhouse of the western world, and with that kind of buying power, it’s no wonder that Germany has trillions invested in the U.S. economy, making the job of a German translator highly profitable.

German translation is so popular that approximately 68 percent of all Japanese students opt to study it. One may ask why a country as technologically advanced as Japan could possibly need German translation on-hand. However, German is only second to English in scientific circles, representing the best of engineering and boasting numerous philosophers, physicists, chemists and doctors with Nobel Prizes among its native speakers.

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Even beyond the private sector, a German translator can find a job with various governmental agencies including the NSA, U.S. Information Service and U.S. State Department. Those hoping to live abroad will soon discover that Germany is the home of many international corporations, all with a need for those who speak both English and German. As the most popular language of Europe, many countries consider German an official language including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium. Furthermore, over 50 million Europeans speak German in addition to their native languages, making German one of the easiest options for connecting people the world over.

Beyond its native economy, Germany is also ranked third worldwide for investments according to the 2012-2014 UNCTAD World Investment Prospects Survey. In fact, the U.S. is Germany’s largest investor, cementing relations between the two countries further. Though recently second to China in exports, Germany was the leading exporter for most of the 2000′s and still leads the world for travel. Germany’s eye for the rest of the world is also manifest in its aid, ranking second worldwide. Over 2,000 U.S. companies operate in countries where German is the lingua franca, and Germany remains a top exporter for U.S. interests as well as a major employer of Americans right here in the United States.


In the dawn of the proposed European Union – United States Free Trade Agreement, which may finalize by the end of 2014; Germany’s importance in the world’s economy cannot be overstressed.

While German translators are already in demand, there is no doubt that their importance will only increase as advances in communication and trade develop. For a language that truly unites the industry giants of the world, look no further than German.

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