Three things you should know about Escort Interpretation.

Often times at Link Translations we talk about website translation services, professional document translation and telephone interpretation offerings.  All of those services are important and can be done by our wonderful staff of translators remotely.  However we know there are times where you need to travel to a conference, visit a company or attend a trade show in a country where having a beautifully translated website or documents won’t be enough when you’re engaged in face-to-face conversations with people.  That’s why escort interpreters are important.  Here are a few things you should know about escort interpretation.

1. Escort interpreters are more than just the people on your team translating for you.  These professionals are also your guides and in some cases the individuals keeping you on schedule and making sure your party is where it needs to be.  Imagine you’re a business owner in the United States but you need to visit your parts manufacturer in India.  Chances are you may not know your way around the country very well.  You aren’t very familiar with the customs or even the driving patterns.  Your escort interpreter, who often times is local, becomes a valuable resource to help you and your delegation as they travel.  Without them guiding and interpreting for your company, you may find yourself lost or late to important meetings which could hurt business.

2. You will most likely need to hire more than one interpreter for your trip.  When you’re giving a presentation at a conference or if you’re meeting with potential new customers at a tradeshow your days can be 10 to 12 hours long or in some cases maybe even longer.  When you’re out you’ll want your interpreter there to help you navigate the culture and foreign language.  Those interpreters need down time too.  Having more than one escort interpreter with your group will make your trip run smoothly and increase the productivity for everyone.  That’s why it’s vital that you hire more than one person to help with escorting your group.

3. Hire trusted translators affiliated with a highly reputable translation company.  Remember, these are people you will be inviting into potentially sensitive meetings or sharing information with that you normally wouldn’t share with just anyone.  It’s important that you hire escort interpreters that have been recommended by a professional translation service such as Link Translations.  We have a network of over 5,000 translators and would be more than happy to coordinate and provide services at your next trade show, conference or site visit.

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