French, being one of the official UN languages and the language of diplomacy is used throughout the world but most importantly in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and French dependencies.

Link Translations has been providing French interpreters to US courts and businesses since 1995. We are a leader in professional interpretation and translation services. If you need a French interpreter for a deposition, in court or for an important business conference, meeting or international conference, contact us. We can provide a professional interpreter and simultaneous interpretation equipment rental for all your interpretation needs.

We have French interpreters with years of experience in providing professional interpretation services for attorneys and US courts. We can provide certified interpreters to attend federal and state court hearings. Your French interpreter will have the experience and linguistic expertise needed to assist attorneys in questioning and cross examining French speaking witnesses.

In today’s global economy, US based businesses are interacting with foreign businesses with greater frequency than ever before. If you require the services of a French interpreter for your business, call Link Translations. We can provide interpreters for all languages for your next international business conference or important business meeting. Our interpretation services include consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, escort interpretation and whisper interpretation.

Our French interpreters are expert linguists with undergraduate or graduate degrees and years of experience working as a French interpreter. You can view our French interpreter’s resumes to learn more about their education, qualifications and experience to select the professional that best first your needs. Please browse our website to learn more about our interpretation and translations services. Contact us by telephone for a no obligation quote, or request a free quote on our website.

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