Excellence in providing GSA Translation Services

Providing translation service is difficult. Understanding the client requirements, having access to a large pool of expert translators, assigning the right translator for the job at hand and having in place iron-clad quality control measures are the bare minimums you need to have in order to do it consistently.

The task becomes even more difficult when providing service to the US Government and its various agencies. The confidentiality requirements of our government clients tend to be higher than our private ones. Our right to holding a GSA schedule and providing GSA translation service under said schedule is dependent upon us adhering to strict rules and ever-changing regulations.

There are multiple compliance portals we need to keep current on. We need to make sure that all our personnel across the US provide service under previously agreed-upon prices for GSA translation needs of government clients that are allowed to order under our GSA schedule.

Notwithstanding all these difficulties of navigating through our GSA translation schedule, we are glad to share with you our first GSA Report Card. Link Translations obtained an “Exceptional” service grade for our first 2 year review of performance on our Administrative Compliance Report card.

GSA Translation

GSA Translation Administrative Report Card

Link Translations has provided translation and interpretation service to many government agencies – Department of Justice, Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, SEC, EPA, HHS, Voice of America, CDC and many others – as a prime contractor since we were assigned our GSA Translation Schedule.

We are glad to report that we are doing “exceptional” when it comes to keeping up with the demands of our GSA schedule and would like to thank our translators and project managers. They are the true heroes that make it happen.

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