Every year on 4th of July, America celebrates its independence.

On the surface, the day commonly known as the Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The true relevance of this momentous holiday can sometimes be drowned in barbecues, beer and fireworks so as is customary for translators and interpreters, we are here to make sense of a message over the chatter. (and hopefully impart some knowledge to our clients and translators – who are currently over 25 thousand strong and with ties to a country other than the US at one point)

Many countries celebrate their independence from another country or regime. They are all worthwhile and all have their moments of triumph. But the American Independence Day is important on a much deeper level than a country or people finding their own voice.

The birth announcement of the American republic (the declaration of independence), adopted on July 4th, 1776 reveals that it is the first nation ever to be established not on ties of blood, soil or lineage but on a set of philosophical principles and basic human values.

In articulating the four self-evident truths (natural equality, inalienable individual rights, government founded on the consent of the governed, and the people’s right of revolution) the authors of this timeless document have created a nation “for the people and by the people”.

Of all the independence days celebrated anywhere, the American independence is perhaps the most relevant to humanity as it teaches about individual human rights — to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the rightful freedoms that human beings are all equally entitled to.

Happy 4th from all of us at Link Translations…

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