What is Translation Business?

We allow our customers to communicate in different languages and within different cultures. We do this by providing them with translation and interpretation services in all languages – in all areas.

Translation Business Helps People Communicate

Communication in itself is not an end but the means to an end. People try to communicate in order to achieve a certain goal. Language barriers prevent individuals and companies from attaining their goals by hindering communication.

These goals might vary depending on the situation. A student applying to a university with a foreign language high school diploma and transcript would have the task of providing a translation of those documents; which is a burden that needs to be overcome in accessing educational services.

An immigrant applying for their work permit or visa has to tackle the hassle of providing proof of their lawful status by obtaining local language translations of their original birth certificates.

An attorney who has to depose a witness that does not speak English would have to overcome the burden of communicating with that person in an admissible manner.

A small business has to tackle certain language barriers in order to effectively reach a target audience in a foreign country by making sure that their service or product is presented in the best possible way through their selected medium of offering; be it brochures, web site or marketing messages.

Multinational companies have the burden to honor and inspire their non-English speaking employees during their corporate gatherings just as much as the English speaking ones: simultaneously and in an effective manner.

The common denominator in all these examples is the fact that the ‘inability to communicate’ is a serious burden. Translation business remedies this.


Simply put, we do it through our people. Translation business requires representing translators and interpreters. In representing them, we amplify their reach to people and institutions that are in need of their services.

We are empowered by the skills and capabilities of our translators. It is the successful work of one of our translators that allows our clients to offer their products or services throughout the world. It is the skill of the interpreter that makes a multi-national event a successful one for the foreign language speaking participants.

We in turn empower them with our skills and capabilities. Our marketing programs provide more work flow to the linguists. We shoulder the responsibility of explaining the steps of translation and interpretation to clients – a repetitive but very necessary task. We handle the burden of accounting and price negotiations and we take the risk of bad debt on projects.

And most importantly – we also have the responsibility of representation towards the clients. If a project goes sour, we are the responsible party; not the translator. Our business demands that we stand behind our work.

This responsibility is on our Project Managers who drive our business. They are the public face of our company both towards our customers and our linguists. They are expected to educate our customers, select and assign the best suited linguists for the job at hand, ensure timely completion of projects and error-free conclusion of all administrative tasks.

It takes a lot to be an efficient Project Manager. It is the ultimate ‘jack of all trades’ job. Dealing with the customers require solid knowledge of the translation industry and proven skill as a sales negotiator. Selecting linguists require experience and communication skills – so much so that sometimes they have to convince an exotic language speaking person to accept undertaking an interpretation job for the first time in their lives in a courtroom setting. Being able to think outside the box is a must and any person that is not highly organized would just give up trying to juggle many different projects at once. Project Managers really are the unsung heroes of our business.

We believe that a company such as ours is only as good as the translators it attracts and the Project Managers it trains.

We are on a mission to attract the best talent in translation, implement the best practices in order to serve and retain our customers, and be the most trusted name in translations. Translation is our business.

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