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Thank you for choosing to leave a translation feedback for Link Translations. It is our goal to be “the most trusted” translation provider in the world.

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In an effort to improve our service and to train our translators and project managers we would like you to leave us your feedback on the service provided. Please fill out our translation feedback form. It only requires you to enter your name and a short feedback about the service you received.

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  • Our Clients
    Would you like to see what kind of company you are in when working with us? Link Translations help these companies (amongst many others) shine in their multi-lingual projects.
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    Language is our devotion but we have given up on plumes and parchments long time ago. We love making life easy on our clients and adopt new and useful technologies readily.
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    There is nothing we can not do digitally. But sometimes our clients want us close by. We can be found at these locations. Also feel free to chat with us online or call us anytime at 1-888-677-LINK (5465)
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    There is more to translation and interpretation service than just having bilingual people. Cross cultural knowledge is indispensable for advertising, marketing and market-research industries. Technical knowledge is a must for health-care, engineering, patent, legal and financial sectors. Link Translations has the experience and resources necessary to successfully manage translation and interpretation projects.