Translation Technology

Translation service has come  a long way from the time of Rosetta Stone. Link Translations serves thousands of clients on tens of thousands of projects, using over 5,000 linguists in over 200 languages every year. We do that from different locations globally. Most of our clients look to us for solutions on leveraging their existing translations, saving them time and money. Some want access to an interpreter instantly. Others want access to language professionals to report to work the next day fully prepped.

We rely on translation technology to streamline our processes, train our people and make you shine in your next translation project. Here are 4 tools that we heavily rely on:

    Looking for an interpreter that can help you anytime and in just about any language? Our interpreters are available 24/7 and can fit in the palm of your hand. We can interpret for you in virtually every field in over 180 languages.

    Thanks to a call center and the ability to dial linguists simultaneously so we get them on the phone faster for you.


    LỊNK is our comprehensive, state of the art cloud based software solution for large scale, technical translations; allowing full monitoring of the workflow and record delivery times. LỊNK is a translation memory, management and collaboration tool all in one. It only requires an internet connection and a browser. It is cloud based and works on all platforms – PC, Mac, Ipad and Android.


    Our custom CRM + ERP system centralizes the 200+ quote requests we receive each day. Making sure that all of them are answered on time. Our linguists are managed and administered through LinkCRM. All our invoicing, payments and quoting is handled by it also.

    Simply put this is one translation technology tool we could not do without.


    Ling combines a powerful Optical Character Recognition solution with Google Translate allowing your iPhone to translate the image data it receives from its camera into recognizable text in 32 languages and provides real-time translation of the resulting text.

    Ling takes translation software to the next level. All on your iPhone. Simple.