LT ComputerWe all love Google… well maybe not all of us… but we can agree that the search engine juggernaut is slowly integrating its products into our everyday lives. Translation software is one of those products being offered.  In addition, if you’ve traveled the international web much you probably have run across the little popup bar at the top of a site asking if you’d like to translate the web page you’re currently visiting.  With the swift click of a mouse and an automatic refresh of the page, you’ve got a freshly translated site that you can read.  Sounds great right?  Well naturally Google doesn’t have a room full of translators locked up someplace translating websites as the requests are being made, it’s all getting shoved through computers with algorithms changing the words into what the program says is the right translation.  Because of that it shouldn’t come as any surprise that what comes out on the other end isn’t a literary masterpiece but a choppy broken page of text that is readable but by no means perfect and in some mistranslation instances may even be laughable and fodder for social media shares.

So what if the translation isn’t perfect?  I can still get the idea of what the website is trying to say.  Yes, but do your clients share your same sentiment?  We live in an increasingly international marketplace.  Through the power of the internet, virtual meetings, video chats and shared file services your customers don’t just live down the street or in the next town, they’re in different timezones, speaking different languages with very different customs.

Professional services like Link-Translations provides website translation using professional translators.  We have over 5,000 translators and our Partner Program ( continues to grow as we continue to add more talented people to the mix.

Website translation is important for your business.  You want your customers to understand the services or products you provide and if the translation on your site is difficult to read and looks unprofessional, that’s going to reflect negatively on your business. According to Internet World Stats only about 27% of internet users worldwide are English speaking.  That means there’s a lot of potential for your business and website to thrive in another language.  Link-Translations takes it a step further, not only are we interested in an accurate translation of your site, we want to be true to the local culture of those who will be visiting that page.  We will also ensure coordination with your internal team and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your site’s translation and localization.

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It’s a competitive marketplace out there, make sure you’re giving your company the edge over some computer generated translation.