What is interpretation… I was doing a little keyword research for this blog post and I noticed that one of the most searched keyword phrases about interpretation is “what is interpretation” or “interpretation definition”. Knowing this took me to the moment when I mentioned someone in my hometown for the first time that I study translation and interpretation. His reaction was “well, we know what translation is but what is interpretation?” I was quite surprised that people did not know what is interpretation until that very moment. When you study a subject and somehow dedicate your life to it, you expect it to be known by everyone. But sometimes relatively new terms, such as interpretation, are not well known by everyone. This is why I reshaped this blog post to be more informative and descriptive. So we can explore together and see “what is interpretation” and what separates it from translation…

What is Interpretation?

If what you need is the vocabulary definition of interpretation, here is a link to its definition on dictionary.com.

What I am going to mention in this blog post is interpretation as a form of translation. My casual definition of  interpretation is that it is the verbal and signal form of translation. Interpretation simply enables two parties to talk to each other whereby both of them speak different languages.

The importance of interpretation and interpreters increases as the world gets more and more global. Since we are all able to do business all around the globe with various people who speak miscellaneous languages. At some point, English stops being sufficient and we start needing interpretation service. At that point, all we need to do is find ourselves a language service provider and ask for their interpretation service. Feel free to get a quote from Link Translations for any interpretation needs.

What are the different types of interpretation?

There are 5 types of Interpretation. These are; Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpretation, Escort Interpretation or Travel Interpretation, and Whisper Interpretation.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive Interpretation is the interpretation mode which allows the interpreter to take notes during the conversation and perform the interpretation consecutively, right after the speaker is done with their speech.  Let’s assume you will have an international meeting with your Polish business partners in New York. This will require you to have a Polish interpreter in New York. During this meeting, your language service provider will send you a professional interpreter. He or she will listen what you or the other parties say, take notes and render the message for you or for the other parties. Consecutive interpretation is often preferred for legal use, educational activities, business meetings and interviews.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation?

Simultaneous Interpretation is the interpretation type during which the interpreters talk at the same time with their source. Simultaneous interpretation, also known as conference interpretation, most of the time requires special equipment. The quality and compatibility of the equipment directly affect the quality of simultaneous interpretation. Working with a seasoned and knowledgeable Language Services Provider will ensure that you are supported in the interpretation equipment selection process also. This link can give you some idea on how to chose interpretation equipment.

interpretation service

What is Telephone Interpretation?

Telephone interpretation is the consecutive interpretation for parties which are at different locations and are only able to connect over the phone. Our video explaining the telephone interpretation services of Link Translations can provide you all the information within a minute – take a look:

Telephone Interpretation from Link Translations on Vimeo.

What is Escort Interpretation or Travel Interpretation?

In escort interpretation  or travel interpretation, the interpreter accompanies the employer. It is often preferred for visiting international expositions or during the visit of a delegation. The escort interpreter provides not only linguistic but also cultural support.

What is Whisper Interpretation?

Whisper Interpretation is also a form of consecutive interpretation. Most often preferred in small groups where the interpreter can whisper his or her interpretation to one person or a small group.

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