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Meet the team

  • Hasan Alkan

  • Translation Projects

Hasan joined Link Translations as an in-house Turkish linguist in 2007 and worked his way up through Project Management.

  • Selin Cayirli

  • Vendor Management

After a tenure at The Coca-Cola Company and then Cosmopolitan Selin joined Link Translations in 2011.

  • Oz Oktem

  • Translation Projects

Oz worked at the Foreign Desk of a top national publication as a reporter. She is relentless in her search of perfect translations.

  • Feride Buyuran

  • Projects & Outreach

Feride started her career as an editorial assistant in an English-language magazine based in Los Angeles and Baku.

  • Sherin S. Demian

  • Translation Projects

Sherin started her career in the field of tourism, where she employed her excellent command of several languages (Arabic, English, French and German).