Greek translators in Los Angeles

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Ms. Marina F. - Greek Translator in Los Angeles

I am a native Greek speaker providing Consecutive Interpretation, Proofreading, Simultaneous Interpretation, Telephone Interpreting, Translation, Typesetting, Transcription, Interpretation services in Greek into English, English into Greek. I have been providing Translator services in the field for nearly 1 year.

I am a Registered Court Interpreter. My native language is Greek. I received my B.A., with a double major, in English and Greek Language and Literature from the University of Athens, Greece, and a M.A. in Modern History from the University of Minnesota. I have been teaching Greek to English speakers and vice versa, in a span of two decades. I am starting my career in Court Interpreting and have, in the past months, interpreted legal documents in California and out of state. I am a strong academic linguist that considers learning a life-long experience, and takes work assignments very seriously.

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Ms. Victoria R. - Greek Translator in Los Angeles

I am a native speaker providing Translation, Proofreading, Transcription services in English into Greek, Greek into English.

I am highly interested in any translation opportunities you may offer (part-time/occasional) from English to Greek and/or Greek to English. I am currently working at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition in Los Angeles as a research scholar. My first(native) language is Greek, as of Greek nationality, and resided in Greece for more than 3/4 of my life (25 out of 31 years). The last few years I have been studying/working in English speaking countries (UK, USA) as a MS and PhD student and now as a researcher. I consider my proficiency in Greek as of level 5 (Native) and in English as of level 4 (Full Professional Proficiency). I have authored various published materials.

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