Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

This article explains the steps for birth certificate translation for USCIS.

Certified translation of a foreign language birth certificate into English is by for the most demanded service for USCIS applications. Citizens of countries that apply for different visas in the United States need their foreign language (Spanish, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.) birth certificates translated into English and certified by the translator for accuracy in order to correctly assemble their visa application.

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Brief Definition of USCIS


Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is the agency under Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that is charged with processing immigrant visa demands, naturalization demands and asylum and refugee applications. USCIS also makes adjudicative decisions performed at the service centers, and manages all other immigration benefits functions performed by the former INS (which was part of the Department of Justice).

More information on the Translation requirements of USCIS

As a rule, the USCIS requires English translation of all foreign language documents submitted in support of a visa petition. If your birth certificate is in Spanish, they would need to read and understand it in the working language of USCIS, which is English.

The translation of your birth certificate or other relevant documents can be completed by a translator who certifies that they are competent to translate and the translation is correct. You can access more information on the USCIS site about their translation requirements through this link.

This translation certification must include the name, language knowledge statement, title of the document, address, date and signature of the certifying party. (if notarization is added to the certification for a document it could be used as a certified and notarized translation)

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